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Funny is fun

Working progress... More after 'Just Jo00king'

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Just Joooking...

Nope! There is no Japanese ad agency buying my content yet. Happy April fools’ day, we are all tomfoolery today!!  Although there is not a definite reason for the origin of April 1st being the fools’ day, peculiar horseplay globe tort for centuries every April 1st. As stated by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s adventures in wonderland ‘We are all mad here’, wonderland or not the child in us enjoys being silly ineffably.

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Discover Your Shopping & Decision-Making Style!

Shopping is an inevitable activity with increasing pressure to make quick & reliable decisions. One's decision-making style influences their personality and actions. Despite the shopping platform or medium, a person's decision-making style leverage's their indulgence during, before, & after shopping.

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Free Will in Social media

What makes 21st century so special both metaphorically and metaphysically, is it the upscaled technology or the sense of free will caught up in knots. As a 90's child, I have constantly faced a tug of war with technology, particularly with social media.

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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic adverting is the automation of decision-making processes of buying and selling the ad inventory via Demand-side platform (DSPs) and Sell-side platform (SSPs). There are many terms used to describe programmatic advertising and its components

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Marketing Mix a branched evolution

It is important for marketers to comprise relationship marketing into e-marketing but also to remember that abandonment of traditional marketing mix is not the solution but improving it to suit the contemporary practices and branch out as the field demands.

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