Sky in the beginning

Type: Oil painting with glass on canvas

Story: There once was a bird that did not belong anywhere and with anyone, but beauty never left its side. this came with a price, everyone eyed and envied it for its beauty, failing to see its innate potentials. The bird of beauty grew of glass from within and shone from within, reaching limitless hights. Discovering the sky to be the beginning.

Flowing Garden

Type: Water Colours on mount board 

Story: A garden that did not float and did not need caretaking. Many creatures arrived and much more left but the garden did not fail to impress. The wind bought stories from different lands into the garden, the water enjoyed its stay until it was reunited with clouds. If only these plants, trees and shrubs could speak the language of human, a story like never before could be heard.


Seasons Reunion

Type: Oil painting on canvas board  

Story:  Reunions are precious and timeless despite there constant accuracy in intervals. The precise movement that has passed will not present itself but a new one with new lives comes into being, only to make itself a spellbound history.  We are blessed to encounter this in nature as frequent pleasant visits when winter end spring visits you when spring end summer says hello. Each season is reunited as dawn and dusk.

Emotional Rush

Type: Oil on canvas, Knife technique, and glass on canvas 

Story: Untold emotions rushing through your adrenal on that special day.

Psychedelic Rose

Type: Oil on canvas, Knife technique 

Story: When flower says the world 'I am more than stereotypical attributed to me'

Gold Ganesha

Type: Mixed medium on canvas

Story: Popularly known as the Elephant God in the west, Ganesha has been featured in numerous works especially in India. This painting is one of many such Ganeshas.

World Twinned

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Forever humanity is twinned both individually and in a group. Some part of ourself we like to hide and some seek, this constant hide and seek we play with ourselves and the world is endless for all.

All Envy

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Shapes of envy and shades of envy we emote thought a lifetime and beyond.


To-get-her However

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Where you are planning to get her or planning or planning together all types of love should be celebrated.

Yellow world

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Would the yellow world be joyful always? is that why dawn and dusk are more celebrated than the rest of the day?


Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Simple or extravagant, just be BLOWN by life!

Grape yard

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Have you memories in the grape yard? Have you walked in a grape yard? Have you imagined a grape yard? Have you..?

Spot me

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Cold or warm, bright or light every color should be celebrated, as in the festival of colors' HOLY'.

Far Away

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Near or Far, Black or white, city or wild opposites create an unexplainable harmony.


Type: Ink on paper 

Story: When opposites attract, when you and I don't just meet but collide, a new world is created.

Neutral Elegance

Type: Ink on paper 

Story: Yes and no, right and wrong, true and false is easy to be though, learn, and preached. Being neutral is unapologetically hard to practice in the era of opinions.